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After reviewing the names and birthdays of both candidates for President as well as the birthday of the United States, here is my forecast. 

Today November 3 2020 is a 4 universal year, 6 universal month, and 9 universal day. The United States of America is in a 6 personal year, 8 personal month, and 11 = 2 personal day. The countries numbers are 4,1,2, & 7. 


The President, Donald Trump’s key numbers are the 5,6,&9 while his stress numbers are 3,4, & 2. 

The Presidential candidate, Joseph Biden’s numbers are the 2, 7, & 6 while is stress numbers are the 9, 8, & 4.

Donald Trump will be in a 7 personal year, 9 personal month, and on a 3 personal day on the day of the Election.  

Joe Biden will be in a 6 personal year, 8 personal month, and a 11 = 2 personal day on the day of the election.


An analysis of these numbers is that Joe Biden will have a more favorable day. This year is about recreating his brand, the month has a theme of status recognition and achievement, and the day is about teamwork and partnership. 


Donald Trump is in a stress cycle dealing with secrets being revealed, accounting secrets, and managing emotions. While this month is one of his numbers which may suggests long travel, this is a stress day for him. 


I think that this will be a close election, ultimately with Biden coming out on top.


Brandon Smith © November 3, 2020, 6:12 P.M

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Nipsey Hussle, AKA Ermias Davidson Asghedom, AKA Nipsey Hu$$le was an American Hip-Hop artist from the West Coast. He was born on Thursday August 15, 1985 in Los Angeles California. He began his Rap career in 2005 and made his way up the charts, reaching the Billboards in 2013. Upon further reading into Nipsey Hussle’s numbers, the numbers 6 & 4/1 play key roles in his life.

Lets look:

  • He was born on the 15th – [1+5=6]

  • His Birth name is Ermias Davidson Asghedom which has 22 letters- [2+2=4]

  • AKA Nipsey Hussle- adds up to a 1 under the Pythagorean System of Numerology

  • Nipsey Hussle had 6 letters in his first name and last name

  • His Biological name Ermias has 6 letters

  • His first Mixtape was called The Marathon- This adds up to a 6 under the Pythagorean System.

  • He was a member of the Rollin 60’s Neighborhood Crips- [6+0=6]

  • In 2013 he released his mixtape Crenshaw- [2+0+1+3=6]

  • His final Album was entitled, Victory Lap-This adds up to a 6 under the Pythagorean System of Numerology

  • The Suite that his store was in was Suite F- 6th letter of the alphabet

  • He has two children ages 7 & 3- [7+3=1]

  • His first child with Lauren London was born on Aug 31- [3+1=4]

  • He was Shot on Sunday, March 31, at 3:25 and died at 3:55- March is a 1 Personal month for him, 3+1= 4, Sunday is ruled by the number 4. 3+2+5= 10/1, 3+5+5= 13/4

  • He was 33 years old- 3+3=6

  • He was worth $4 million

  • The Number 1 appears 6 times in his name under the Pythagorean System of Numerology.



**Nipsey was killed by Gunshot on a 9 Personal day in front of the address 3420-[3+4+2+0=9]

9 Rules Accidents, explosions, guns, knives, etc.



Brandon Smith Copyright 2019



LIV 2020 

The 54th Super Bowl between San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs. (5+4=9)

February 2, 2020 is under a 4 Universal Year, 6 Universal Month, and a 8 Universal Day. Based off of my analysis of the two quarterbacks, the date, their birth data, and Universal and personal influences, I have come up with the following prediction.

San Francisco 49ers’ quarterback is Jimmy Garoppolo. He was born on 11/2/1991 in Arlington Heights, IL. He is a Scorpio 2 person, who’s personal numbers are 2,7,6 and his stress numbers are 9,8,4. The number 2 is key in his life as the numbers in his birthday add up to 2/2/2, Sunday’s date is 2/20/2020… who knows what the results will be hahahaha. He will be in a 8 Personal Year, 9 Personal Month, 1 Personal Week, and 2 Personal Day.

Kansas City Chiefs’ quarterback is Patrick Mahomes. He was born on 09/17/1995 in Tyler, TX. He is a Virgo 8 person, who’s personal numbers are 8, 6,5 and his stress numbers are 4,1,3. He will be in a 3 Personal Year, 5 Personal Month, and 7 Personal day.

I don’t think that Garoppolo will be in the right mindset or mental space for this game. While it will be stressful for Mahomes, the numbers suggest that it may be more stressful for Garoppolo while he may have moments of greatness if he works with his team.

I predict that this game will be tough and competitive and the winner will win by a small margin. While both teams have their advantages and disadvantages on this day, my prediction is that the Chiefs will win with a small margin.

Let's see what the results are!


Brandon Smith Copyright 2020

Herbal Medicine


There are several contributing factors that medical researchers agree that contribute to the cause of cancer. In this post I would like to share some numerical insights into cancer. 

Cancer numerically adds up to 26/8 (2+6=8).

This deals with issues of self-empowerment, recognition, and achievement. My Teacher, Jeffery V. Noble, shares with us that emotions buried alive never die. The more we bury an issue, whether it's a dream, an emotion, or a feeling, the more it wants to come to the surface. 26 indicates a need to be validated by others to release abandonment and separation anxieties. 

Cancer can stem from carrying deep emotional hurt and long standing resentment, or could be some deep grief eating away at the person. 

Advice for persons who may be fighting with cancer, would be to incorporate emotional healing and releasing of past emotions and hurts that don't serve your souls highest purpose. 


I deeply, lovingly, fully, gratefully release all negative emotions that don't serve my highest purpose.

I deeply and fully love and approve of myself.


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