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2020 Presidential Election Forecast

Hey family!

The title says it all... Like everyone else, there are some questions about what's going on with the 2020 Presidential Election. I decided to see what the numbers had to say about the election!

Take a look...

After reviewing the names and birthdays of both candidates for President as well as the birthday of the United States, here is my forecast.

Today November 3 2020 is a 4 universal year, 6 universal month, and 9 universal day. The United States of America is in a 6 personal year, 8 personal month, and 11 = 2 personal day. The countries numbers are 4,1,2, & 7.

The President, Donald Trump’s key numbers are the 5,6,&9 while his stress numbers are 3,4, & 2.

The Presidential candidate, Joseph Biden’s key numbers are the 2, 7, & 6 while his stress numbers are 9, 8, & 4.

Donald Trump will be in a 7 personal year, 9 personal month, and on a 3 personal day on the day of the Election.

Joe Biden will be in a 6 personal year, 8 personal month, and a 11 = 2 personal day on the day of the election.

An analysis of these numbers is that Joe Biden will have a more favorable day. This year is about recreating his brand, the month has a theme of status recognition and achievement, and the day is about teamwork and partnership.

Donald Trump is in a stress cycle dealing with secrets being revealed, accounting secrets, and managing emotions. While this month is one of his numbers which may suggests long travel, this is a stress day for him.

I think that this will be a close election, ultimately with Biden coming out on top.

Brandon Smith © November 3, 2020, 6:12 P.M

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