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As a energy healer, I look at sickness from multiple angles. Cancer has been a disease that scientist and medical professionals have been researching to find a cure. While they have made significant contributions in the area, there is more to learn and discover.

Check out a numerology analysis of cancer and some thoughts of additional things to help with the healing of cancer. Cancer numerically adds up to 26/8 (2+6=8). This deals with issues of self-empowerment, recognition, and achievement. My Teacher, Jeffery V. Noble, shares with us that emotions buried alive never die. The more we bury an issue, whether it's a dream, an emotion, or a feeling, the more it wants to come to the surface. 26 indicates a need to be validated by others to release abandonment issues and anxieties. Cancer can stem from carrying deep emotional hurt and long standing resentment, or could be some deep grief eating away at the person. Advice for persons who may be fighting with cancer, would be to incorporate emotional healing and releasing of past emotions and hurts that don't serve your souls highest purpose. Affirmations:

I deeply, lovingly, fully, gratefully release all negative emotions that don't serve my highest purpose. I deeply and fully love and accept myself.

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