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SUPER BOWL LIV 2020 Forecast

The 54th Super Bowl between San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs. (5+4=9)

February 2, 2020 is under a 4 Universal Year, 6 Universal Month, and a 8 Universal Day. Based off of my analysis of the two quarterbacks, the date, their birth data, and Universal and personal influences, I have come up with the following prediction.

San Francisco 49ers’ quarterback is Jimmy Garoppolo. He was born on 11/2/1991 in Arlington Heights, IL. He is a Scorpio 2 person, who’s personal numbers are 2,7,6 and his stress numbers are 9,8,4. The number 2 is key in his life as the numbers in his birthday add up to 2/2/2, Sunday’s date is 2/20/2020… who knows what the results will be hahahaha. He will be in a 8 Personal Year, 9 Personal Month, 1 Personal Week, and 2 Personal Day.

Kansas City Chiefs’ quarterback is Patrick Mahomes. He was born on 09/17/1995 in Tyler, TX. He is a Virgo 8 person, who’s personal numbers are 8, 6,5 and his stress numbers are 4,1,3. He will be in a 3 Personal Year, 5 Personal Month, and 7 Personal day.

I don’t think that Garoppolo will be in the right mindset or mental space for this game. While it will be stressful for Mahomes, the numbers suggest that it may be more stressful for Garoppolo while he may have moments of greatness if he works with his team.

I predict that this game will be tough and competitive and the winner will win by a small margin. While both teams have their advantages and disadvantages on this day, my prediction is that the Chiefs will win with a small margin.

Let's see what the results are!


Brandon Smith © 2020

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